Kitchen Favorites


Besides my Kitchen Aide Mixer, this is the second most used tool in my kitchen. I use it to zest lemons and limes and grate whole nutmeg and hard cheeses. The zest of a lemon or lime adds a desirable zing to your salad dressings, pasta salads, cakes, cookies, frosting, cocktails, and simple syrups. The microplane finely grates hard cheeses for pasta dishes, cream sauces,  and salads. This would be a welcomed addition to any kitchen.


I was introduced to Penzey’s Spices on a trip to the Strip District in Pittsburgh, PA. This store is always a “must stop” when we travel up there. It takes Michael lifting me over his shoulder to get me out of the store.  A few of my favorites; French thyme, Albanian sage, Northwoods fire, Herbs de Provence, single strength vanilla and cloves. Honestly, I love them ALL! If you order online and spend over a certain amount, shipping is free. Penzey’s also throws in a complimentary spice when you order.

The Old Bay seasoning is not from Penzey’s but every Marylander has it amongst their spices!

Just a few of the spices in my pantry.