About Me

If I was to choose my top five loves they would be; my family, friends, dance parties, a killer workout and FOOD! I could go out on a limb here and say much of my everyday revolves around food.

The Bell House throws some fun parties with family and friends. We always have music playing and food is plentiful. My obsession with menu planning and timelines make it easy to throw parties filled with homemade food with less stress. Many of the blog posts are brimming with preparation tips and timelines that will help you plan your next celebration.

Although, I may not be the smallest chick on the block, I am healthy and strong. Balance is the key! If the key is adding a few extra steps in my day to enjoy a warm buttery croissant fresh out of the oven  with a sweet spread of honey butter, then find me the door that fits that key!!

Thank you for visiting The Bell House . Why don’t you stay a while, meet some of my family and friends.  Don’t be shy, gather some ideas on menu planning and preparation. Most importantly, have fun with your food from scratch to finish.

Photographs courtesy of Petruzzo Photography

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