About Me

Kelly Bell

Over the last three years, I have dramatically changed my lifestyle and career. I went from a veteran middle school science teacher working  a steady Monday through Sunday to a personal caterer/chef and personal trainer with an unpredictable schedule.

Since my departure from education, I have been given an unintentional opportunity to   experiment with gastronomy, teach myself how to bake and use my teaching skills to teach others about exercise and food. These opportunities developed into a passion and this passion has opened up some unexpected doors.

Food is undeniably a factor in a persons health and weight. I like food and I know a lot of people who like food. Ask any one of the people on my taste test list. I also know exercise is important to a persons over all physical and mental health.  Just ask some of my family and clients about “bootcamp.”

Although, I may not be the smallest chick on the block, I am healthy and strong. Balance is the key! If the key is adding a few extra steps in my day to enjoy a warm buttery croissant fresh out of the oven  with a sweet spread of honey butter, then find me the door that fits that key!!

Spending time with family and friends is another one of my favorite things to do. We have some fun parties at The Bell House! All this takes time and planning. Insert previous career skill set here (teacher/lesson planning). I’ve become pretty good at planning menus and establishing timelines that make it easy to throw a party with fabulous homemade food.

Without further adieu, thank you for visiting The Bell House . Why don’t you stay a while, meet some of my family and friends.  Don’t be shy, gather some ideas on menu planning and preparation. Most importantly, have fun with your food from scratch to finish.

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